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Katherine Sherwood Bandana

$ 24.00

100% cotton, 23" x 23" made in San Francisco by Open Editions.  

Katherine Sherwood’s lush depictions of human and botanical forms typically incorporate medical imagery, including the artist’s own MRI brain scans. Her print for Open Editions is drawn from her recent series Brain Flowers.  

“Sherwood’s insightful depictions of disability and use of found material, are further deepened by her ongoing homage to women artists of the 17th century Baroque period. Her series, Brain Flowers, borrows imagery from the works of Maria van Oosterwyck, Maria Sybilla Marian, Rachel Ruysch, Josefa de Obidos, and Giovanna Garzoni, among others. Sherwood’s interpretation of traditional vanitas paintings are twofold. Not only does she give new life to the work of women artists before her, who rarely received due recognition in their time, but she also speaks to the power of survival in the face of harsh certainties. Sherwood uses the genre’s historical language, wherein opulent floral arrangements and table scenes allude to the inevitability of death, but to a more nuanced end. Ultimately, the incorporation of brain imagery lends these works a sense of transience. She writes, “If the skull suggests death in these historical paintings, then what do brains do? I used to think my use of brain-related imagery was an indicator of joyous life, but as time passes, I see its utility as a representation of life and death.” (from the Press Release of Brain Flowers, Anglim Gilbert Gallery, July 2020) 

Sherwood is represented by Anglim Gilbert Gallery in San Francisco, Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles and George Adams Gallery in New York. 


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