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$ 600.00

Aluminum, CNC-cut & hand finished walnut and cherry, microcontroller, addressable LEDs, UV coated SLS 3D printed polymer

Double Up is a desktop light sculpture with capacitive touch sense interactivity. The two 3D-printed conduits illuminate with differing coordinated LED strips that can transition or be turned off by touching a CNC-milled aluminum base plate.

The wood base is milled with the Bantam Tools desktop mill, the aluminum with a Tormach, and the controller is an Adafruit QT-Py programmed with CircuitPython.

The light operates via 5v USB-C and saves the chosen color scheme indefinitely, on or off, while plugged in.

Lamps are one of a kind artworks with custom electronics. They are made from long lasting durable components with LED lamps but are sold "as-is" and not guaranteed. If there are any issues with your purchase please email us within a week of receiving the lamp.