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Jim Christensen // Palindrome Doorstop (Web Order)

$ 36.00

Never odd or even...

Jim Christensen lives in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. His work reflects upon the history and politics embedded in the material culture of labor and craftsmanship. His recent efforts reference a number of visual and textual sources from the earlier part of the twentieth-century, a time marked by rising industrialization, labor disputes, assembly-line production, the advent of prohibition, and international conflict. All of his production is marked by an intentional hand-made quality he refers to as “homespun.” As such, he's intending to pay homage to America’s complicated history of working-class immigrant labor and point to the inherent value of the individual’s unique contribution to the whole.

Made from various domestic hardwoods:

  • Maple 
  • Black Walnut
  • American Walnut
  • Pennsylvania Cherry

***In store $26, online with shipping $36***