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YUPO White Pad 6 x 15

$ 18.00

With a translucent finish, these slick sheets are an excellent beginning point for a variety of mediums. Remaining true to all Yupo revolutionary qualities, this substrate allows artists to rethink coloring from a fresh perspective. This is Yupo Translucent

A synthetic (polypropylene) substrate is born with a non-porous surface that repels water. Yupo gives visual artists an amazingly beautiful canvas to work with. Its bright white, smooth finish gives artists the flexibility to work in several different mediums to achieve unique and creative results.

Painting or drawing on the ultra-smooth surface of YUPO is different than regular watercolor or drawing paper, and will require some adjustments by the artist. The surface may be wiped clean to restore the original white of the sheet, making it an excellent surface for beginners. YUPO is also a very exciting substrate for more advanced and experimental artists. Its creative possibilities and suitable applications are infinite.