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Seed Co. // Jingu-Miyamasugi Cedar Wood Sleeved Radar Eraser

$ 4.00

High-performance and high-quality plastic eraser.

This eraser's sleeve is made from Cedar wood making the eraser Cedar scented!

SEED Co. is a Japanese stationary Braden that was established in Osaka in 1915. Then called Miki Yasushi-saku, the rubber manufacturing plant corporation was among the very first companies to manufacture Japanese erasers. Noticing that the fluctuating price and quality of natural rubber impacted their finished product, the company begun developing erasers made of soft vinyl chloride.Even the plastic eraser sleeve is thoughtfully designed: it features notches in its corners that disperse the pressure between the eraser and sleeve, thus reducing nicks and breaks.

(2.125" x 0.75" x 0.5")