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Open-Editions is live!



We are so excited to launch our new company, Open-Editions, and to share the first of many artist-designed, factory-made goods! 

Our first product is my "Thank You Tote"- developed in 2012 at the Workshop Residence and originally produced by their label (Thank you, Workshop!).  I've been delighted and amazed at how the tote has taken off since my residency and I'm so proud of the object it's become.  It's a joy to see people use their totes around town and I always love the reactions I get from cashiers when I take my own to the grocery store.  It's also gratifying to hear customers say how much they enjoy giving the bag as a 'thank you' gift!  As a full-time artist, I focus mostly on creating work for the gallery environment but I see the Thank You Tote as an extension of my practice and love the opportunity to author something with function that can exist so freely in the world.

Braden and I have been having fun producing our first batch of totes with the new Open-Editions label and we've been designing some new graphics and colorways to expand on the ones that already exist.  We are also working to develop some new products that will serve as our in-house line to compliment the projects we commission and develop with artists in the future.

We are excited to roll out lots of new stuff over the next few months and can't wait to introduce you to some artists we like and some amazing manufacturers who bring everything we design to life.

Follow us on Instagram @openeditions to see what we are working on and join our mailing list to stay in touch!