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DODOcase Factory Store


DODOcase Factory Store

2525 3rd Street, San Francisco
Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-6:00

We kicked off the new DODOcase factory store in San Francisco last Saturday, and will have a follow up event this Saturday, October 24th with more test drives of Bolt's electric bikes, and fresh inventory from DODOcase's new leathercraft collections. The Store is now open with regular hours Tuesdays through Saturdays 10:00-6:00 or you can email us to make an appointment. 

Designed and built by Open-Editions for DODOcase, the store is 2,000 square feet in the front of the expansive and sunlit factory, where about 20 high skill craftspeople make beautiful and durable iPad and tablet cases, and a growing collection of accessories. In addition to showcasing DODOcase's comprehensive line of tablet and phone cases, the new factory store highlights the new leather craft collections of wallets and accessories, and includes a maker station where a visitor can design their own DODOcase choosing from dozens of combinations of colors and textures.

DODOcase's philosophy and design brings together traditional bookbinding craft with on-demand CNC manufacturing components of their cases to keep up with changing electronic device specifications. The new factory store is meant to be an extension of that approach, with four studios within the store made available for other brands and makers to engage the Dogpatch community and sell their goods. 

Factory Store Studios: Meet the makers!



Bolt Motorbikes merges passion with capability, having over 30 years and 100,000 miles of combined riding experience and expertise in bringing products from concept to production in the electric motorcycle and scooter industries.  The goal of Bolt Motorbikes is to incite new riders who are interested in owning an efficient electric vehicle. Though the bike is intended for entry level riders, it can also be a performance machine for expert riders with the flick of a switch. With an impressive 50-mile range, the user can charge the bike in any standard outlet at any time or place. Bolt will be sharing how the bikes are made here in San Francisco, and demonstrating its performance at DODOcase factory store Saturday October 17th  and Saturday October 24th between 12:00 and 4:00


Clinton Park, named after the small alleyway in San Francisco’s Mission district next to the old Levi’s building is the vision of veteran designer/pattern maker Steven Heard.  Founded in 2009, the company quickly went from servicing a hand full of clients to boasting a roster of over 180 as the “maker” movement gained momentum in the San Francisco area.  “San Francisco is ground zero for denim and I feel so fortunate to have landed right in the middle of it”.  Steven spent 4 of the 10 years of his career at Levi Strauss & Co working as a pattern maker in the old 250 Valencia building where at the time the original 501s were still being made. The Clinton Park kiosk at the DODOcase Factory Store will offer made-to-measure jeans sewn from Cone Denim for $200, as well as a collection of aprons and accessories.


In addition to collaborating with DODOcase to develop and implement the factory store, Open-Editions joins in the ongoing activities within the store in Studio 1, showcasing its newest products and projects in the DODOcase store.

Studio 2 is currently available! The in-store studios measure 10'x10' and include a large bamboo table and generous shelving. The studios are intended for brands and individuals who have a product, are able to consign inventory to the Factory Store, host an event once a month and will complement whats happening at the Factory Store. If you would like to apply, or suggest a specific maker or a general type of activity, please send us an email to