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Seattle Art Fair 2017


2017 marked our third year at the Seattle Art Fair-- this is one of our favorite events of the year!   Our pop-up shop featured our Open-Editions collaborations as well as a wide selection of items from other artist-run brands we admire.  We love sharing all these great creations with the fair-going audience in Seattle! 

Pictured above: Rare and out of print art books from Art Catalogues at LACMA and a shelf of "things" from The Thing Quarterly -- including "The NO-Thing" (AKA All Purpose Wearable Protest Blanket) by Experimental Jetset and the  "Sexy Body Parts" towels by Ken Kagami: two popular items that we sold out of completely, long before the weekend was over!  On the right, we hung a selection of prints from  It is Right to Draw Their Fur, artist and author Dave Egger's portfolio of drawings featuring uncommon animals philosophizing about life. 

Whitney Lynn's Sirens silk scarves, produced by Open-Editions, are printed with images exploring the construct of the 'femme fatale'.  Seven different digital prints on habotai silk represent seven different women throughout history, whose sordid stories have become cautionary tales-- perhaps undeservedly. 

Agelio Batle's graphite drawing tools are always a favorite in our pop-up shops- we love to see the drawings visitors to the fair create with these sculptural pencils...

Michelle Dunn Marsh from Minor Matters Books hosted MM author / artist Isaac Layman to sign copies of his book Home Schooled on Saturday.  We love the Minor Matters model for publishing and welcome the opportunity to promote and support this local press! 

The 2017 Seattle Art Fair was our 12th pop-up as Open-Editions, and our first time designing and building a lounge for the VIP area. The Delta 360 Lounge was a large outdoor area at the northwest side of the Century Link Event Center.  We designed large, colorful and comfortable bolsters, cushions and plinths to span the indoor and outdoor area. We worked on the colorful forms all Sumer and built the plinths on-site along with the bars, partitions and large floating signage in the days leading up to the fair.  It was so fun to see people interacting with the forms and enjoying the space to relax all weekend long-- scroll down to check it out: 

Thanks for another great year, Seattle!  Can't wait to see you next summer!