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$ 490.00

UV-coated SLS and ABS 3D printing, microcontroller, custom-designed addressable LEDs, rechargeable battery

Modern Digestion is a nod to the intestinal tract and all the microbiota working in miraculous ways to perpetually break down, absorb, or pass the extraordinary collection of natural, synthetic, planned, and unintended items we put down our esophagus. From prehistoric to recently engineered foods, the gut keeps it all moving.

The light sequence, composed of 26 programmable LEDs, fades at random intervals, in a random order, through meditative warm and cool tones. This piece can operate plugged into a USB outlet or charged for five or more hours of untethered operation. Programmed with CircuitPython. See a time-lapse

Dimensions: 5.3”w x 5.3”h x 1.6”d (135 x 135 x 41mm)