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Kris Graves Project // Morning Star by Marshall Scheuttle

$ 34.00

Marshall Scheuttle’s Morningstar shows us a Las Vegas in which the sky and the city, both blinkered with stars, stare back at each other impassively. The space between flashes moments which loom on the edge of an impending storm, or stillness in the wake of violent transgression. Caught in the crossfire, the people in Scheuttle’s photographs are alike in one undeniable regard: each, in his and her own way, is shot through with light. For some, that’s Las Vegas’s inescapable and smothering neon. For some, that’s the ominous and ageless light of the desert. And for some it’s the light that comes with the promise of a brand new day—the crisp sunlight that appears in the east once the morningstar has faded from the sky.

Marshall Scheuttle is a Las Vegas based artist that mostly makes his home on the road. He holds an MFA from the University of Hartford and a BFA from SUNY Purchase College. A 2020 NAC Fellow, Scheuttle's work has been exhibited world wide including Aperture Gallery and The Albright Knox Museum . Collections include the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago and Burchfield Penny Center.