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Face Mask Sizes

Masks are a new "garment" for all of us, and of course everyone's face is different. The following is a guide to how we have noticed masks fitting most people, but we have also noted that some people love a looser fitting mask, while others prefer a tighter fit. Its hard for us to predict, and since we do not allow returns or exchanges on masks we ask that you consider the below information in your selection, and if they don't fit please give them to a family member or friend who they might fit better after washing them. 

Please note that our masks will shrink a little if you wash them in hot water and dry with heat. They are intentionally sized a bit larger so they will be true to size after the first washing.

We have also noticed that the masks we make with the elastic strap that goes over your head (Overhead Strap) fit some people larger (a size up) than the masks we make with the elastic strap that fits around the ear (Ear Loop Strap). 

Lauren is 5'3" and wears a Small ear loop or a Medium overhead mask. Her head is 22" in circumference around the ears and to the tip of her nose (we measured with a string and then measured the string). From the tip of her nose to the bottom of her chin is 2.875"

Braden is 5'11" and prefers a looser fit with the Large overhead or Large ear loop, but he can comfortably wear the Medium sizes as well. His head is 24" in circumference around his ears to the tip of his nose. From the tip of his nose to the bottom of his chin is 3.5"