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Yasutomo / Origami Paper: 100 Sheets, 5 7/8” Square

$ 8.00

This classic origami pack contains in a rich array of twenty beautiful colors including: red, orange, light orange, chrome yellow, yellow, peach, white, pastel pink, sky blue, aqua, mint, green, fluorescent green, green, brown, blue, cobalt blue, purple, and black.  White on the back. 

  • Sheet size: 5 7/8” square
  • Produced by Yasutomo


Yasutomo & Co. was established in 1954 by Ben Yasutomo in San Francisco with the goal to bring stationery and artist materials from Japan to the U.S. and to distribute American candy and snack food products to Japan. As time went on, the demand for artist materials such as Rice Paper, Japanese sumi-e items, and craft products like origami paper began to increase.  Japanese manufacturers started producing Western art materials, such as pens and markers, to distribute in Japan as well as internationally. In the 1960s, Yasutomo introduced the Pentel Sign Pen to the American market. The world’s first fiber-tipped pen was well received and was even used by then President Lyndon B. Johnson in the White House.