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Akashiya Gan-Sai // Postcard Art Set

$ 60.00

Founded in 1716, Akashiya Co., Ltd. is Japan's largest manufacturer of writing brushes, for over 300 years they have maintained the traditional skills needed to make this important tool.

A set of 12 of traditional Japanese watercolours (Gansai) that are elegant, easily soluble in water, and transparent. Also includes 3 brushes.

Gansai use a much higher pigment to binder ratio than Western watercolours, which is why their colours are more saturated. A little paint goes a long way.

Gansai watercolours come with large pans compared to traditional Western watercolour pans. Japanese watercolour brushes are larger and need the extra space.

Akashiya do not use heavy metals (lead, chrome, mercury, etc.) at all, and use raw materials that are kind to the human body and give due consideration to safety.

Set contents:
- 12x colour pans: (AP-01) Chalk White, (AP-20) Dark Red, (AP-17) Vermilion, (AP-08) Light Ultramarine Blue, (AP-12) New Leaves, (AP-18) Red Ochre, (AP-06) Ultramarine, (AP-15) Yellow, (AP-16) Yellow Ochre, (AP-22) Red Plum, (AP-03) Purple, (AP-13) Light Blue Green.
- 3 brushes (Fude). 1 x medium, 2 x small (2 types)