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Anterique // Ball-Point Pen

$ 8.00

Anterique Oil-Based Ballpoint Pens are innovative, Japanese ballpoint pens that combine Mach Ball ink with vintage-inspired forms. Inspired by the classic American ballpoint pens of the 1960s, the BP1 Ballpoint Pen is a great every day pen for work or study. Ballpoint pens in the past used "sticky" ink, but these oil-based ballpoint pens use "ultra-low-viscosity ink" (Mach ball ink). "Ultra-low viscosity" is ink that is extremely smooth. To prevent leaking, the special ink is combined with an ultra-precision roller ball. These pens also feature a built-in spring to precisely control the flow of ink. Crafted with a lightweight plastic body these pens offer a smooth writing experience that's reliable and comfortable. Comes in many vibrant colors to match your personal style.

  • Equipped with ultra-low viscosity oil-based ink (Mach Ball ink)
  • Ultra-precisely machined 0.5mm ball tip
  • Retro design
  • Made in Japan