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Fake New Yorker Volume 4

$ 14.00

Fake New Yorker magazine, written and illustrated by Baltimore artist, Carrie Rennolds, features absurdist comics, poetry, and reviews with a feminist perspective. Going beyond simple parody, Rennolds' work subtly takes on difficult subjects with quick witted humor, achieving a paradoxical confidence in self-consciousness. Although not a work of collage, Fake New Yorker is as playful, culturally layered and anarchistic, in the vein of Mad Magazine and Dada. The magazine devotes itself to the genius of cartooning and comics—featuring all the subversive power that an illustration has to express self doubt, paranoia, anger, humor and existential daydreaming. Plus cats and dinosaur illustrations.

Fake New Yorker, #1, Carrie Rennolds, 2018.