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Klizia 97 Stapler

$ 26.00

This hand-held metal Italian stapler has a classic sturdy design and will cheer up any desk. The mail part of the body is enamel-coated and the spring-loading mechanism is easily accessible. The staple can hold up to 20 sheets of standard printer paper.

Stapler measures approximately 2 1/2" tall x 6" long x 9/16" wide. Comes with a box of 1000 staples.

  • The elegant and functional design is from Italy and the stapler is produced in a four-man operation in a small factory near Milan.
  • The stapler in rich, cheerful colors is extra small and staples up to 16 pages together.
  • Refill packs of 1000 staples can also be purchased separately. The Klizia 97 stapler takes mini staples though (sometimes referred to as No. 10 staples).