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Sarah Klein / Sweet Time Cyclical Calendar

$ 18.00

Sarah Klein is a visual artist, educator and curator based in San Francisco.  Working in animation and printmaking she employs drawing, paper cutouts and live-action footage to create narrative and abstract pieces. Informed by a decade of working in stop-motion, she continues to expand on the language of movement within print-based works. Using image sequences and repeated forms, she creates compositions that highlight the parts that make up the whole.  

Sweet Time is a calendar that can be used (and reused) to bring forth celebration and add a little levity to each month. Each composition is paired with a prompt. The prompts are funny ("It's better in a letter"), wishful ("Counting the days until I see you again") and instructional ("Find a good book").

3.5" x 3" Softcover. Staple binding. Twenty-six pages.