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Tombow // Vermillion-Prussion Blue Bicolour Pencil

$ 4.00

The Tombow VP bicolour pencil features Vermilion red lead on one end and Prussian blue on the other.

Bicolour pencils were once the mainstay of editors, journalists, lawyers and accountants but they're less popular today thanks to the widespread adoption of digital editing. They do remain of use and interest both to pencil collectors and those who do a lot of writing and editing, as well as being useful for journalling. 

Bicolour pencils are still a pretty useful and interesting item of stationery to own and keep on ones desk and have found new use in bullet journalling, and a younger generation who are discovering the blue-red pencil method. Lawyers may know that the 'Blue Pencil Test' (whereby the enforceable parts of a contract may be severed from the unenforceable parts and so remain valid) takes its name from the custom of using edited written copy with a blue pencil.

  • Smooth and comfortable for writing and drawing
  • Unsharpened
  • Double-tipped Pigmented Vermilion / Prussian Blue pencil
  • Round barrel
  • Made in Japan